Administration, business centres

We’ll help you provide maximum protection for your employees and tenants, as well as the employees of vendors.

Administrative companies, office buildings and business centres have their own specific needs. Large numbers of people from multiple companies work over several floors. Building owners and managers should ensure the maximum level of protection for their own employees and the employees of vendors.

We can help you eliminate the weaknesses in these premises to ensure tenants and employees can focus on their core business without worry.

Most common risks:

The high concentration of persons in business centres, office buildings and companies place higher demands on occupational health and safety. Risks are also associated with work with display screen equipment and electronics.

Don’t forget building maintenance and repair activities. Work at heights and cleaning work is typically outsourced. However, they must also have safe working conditions to perform their work, otherwise they could experience serious injury if they neglect the applicable regulations.

Fire protection is a challenge in these premises and must be coordinated in detail. Careful attention must be devoted to ensuring the clearance of all egress stairs and exits as well as evacuation lifts for persons with physical disabilities, pregnant women and seniors.

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