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The construction industry is one of the riskiest industries and that is why we consider safety at all levels as doubly important.

Our success not only involves getting the job done on-time, but also ensuring there are no injuries during any phases of construction work. 

Therefore we offer professional supervision and the services of an authorised safety specialist along with the services of a construction site OHS coordinator.

The occupational health and safety coordinator advises and helps the contractor and site manager deploy preventative measures into practice throughout all phases of the project.

Our clients can rely on a coordinator who has mastered their competencies, has the necessary knowledge and is able to deliver their expertise through their own personal know-how. Of course, our coordinators also focus on the strict fulfilment of their obligations and assessing the situation in an independent and professional manner.

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Coordinating this type of construction work involves much more than simply meeting the requirements laid down in the legislation and other regulations. Our clients can rely on exceptional services.

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