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Rely on us to ensure work safety – no matter if you have employees or if you are responsible for yourself.


As an employer, you are obliged to apply the general principles of prevention in implementing the measures necessary to assure OHS and fire protection.

What are your obligations?

  • To provide training and ensure the professional competency of your employees before you assign work to them,
  • to assess the medical fitness of employees for work activities,
  • to ensure the safety of technical equipment and technologies that may result in injury at work, an accident at work or an occupational disease,
  • to assess working conditions, ergonomic and psycho-social factors which are the impact of the work environment, the atmosphere at the workplace, noise and even stress,
  • to assess the risks and assign suitable personal protective equipment to employees based on this assessment,
  • to complete, update and maintain OHS and fire protection documentation pursuant to valid legislation,
  • to check and demand compliance with legislation and other regulations concerning OHS and fire protection, work safety principles, safe work procedures, safe work procedures and safe conduct at the workplace,
  • to record all injuries, comply with procedures for recording and registering accidents at work,
  • occupational health and safety and fire protection must be understood as a holistic system directly related to the optimum management of production and the overall work activities of an employee.


Entrepreneurs without employees

In terms of OHS, you are also responsible for yourself, but an accident at work resulting from your distraction or an OHS violation may cause you economic problems. This primarily involves shared workplaces, where you collaborate with employees from other companies or entrepreneurs. For fire protection, the decisive parameter is the work that is performed and where it is performed.


Useful advice

  • only perform work for which you have professional competency and medical fitness,
  • an entrepreneur’s injury is not considered an accident at work under the valid legislation. We recommend that you conclude a policy with a commercial insurer to cover accidents that result in an absence from your work activities,
  • be careful as to who is responsible for OHS and fire protection at the workplace/job site where you will work when accepting contracts.

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