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The construction industry is one of the riskiest industries and that is why we consider safety at all levels as doubly important.

Our success not only involves getting the job done on-time, but also ensuring there are no injuries during any phases of construction work. 

Therefore we offer professional supervision and the services of an authorised safety specialist along with the services of a construction site OHS coordinator.

The occupational health and safety coordinator advises and helps the contractor and site manager deploy preventative measures into practice throughout all phases of the project.

Our clients can rely on a coordinator who has mastered their competencies, has the necessary knowledge and is able to deliver their expertise through their own personal know-how. Of course, our coordinators also focus on the strict fulfilment of their obligations and assessing the situation in an independent and professional manner.

Coordinator competencies

  • Contacting various parties working on a project to gather and analyse their planned occupational health and safety systems,
  • Ensuring the proper organisation of various phases of construction and control risks based on the nature of the work activities conducted concurrently,
  • Ensuring agreements between vendors working on the project comply with the valid legislation.

Coordinator expertise

  • Legislation concerning occupational health and safety and fire protection,
  • safety aspects of regulations concerning public procurement contracts,
  • planning the methodology used on the project,
  • risks associated with construction techniques, the organisation of work activities on the project, maintenance and different operations on-site where construction work may be performed.

Coordinator know-how

  • Understanding of individual work activities and assessment of the risks involved,
  • assessment of the risks associated with planning (construction work performed concurrently, deadlines, etc.),
  • assessment of the risks associated with the techniques that are employed and the interaction of industrial activities at the project site,
  • formulation of proposals to eliminate, mitigate or reduce risks at their source and the adaptation of work to the workforce,
  • support for the integration of safety into the organisation of construction activities,
  • adaptation of the occupational health and safety plan, special plans and other materials corresponding to the characteristics of the project to keep them in line during progress on the project, as changes are made, when techniques are selected and in response to feedback from personnel.

Coordinator obligations

  • Organisation of shared meetings to exchange information,
  • presenting measures that must be taken to achieve optimum occupational health and safety conditions in a positive way,
  • conducting negotiations and convincing various parties as to the reasons justifying the introduction of these measures,
  • taking the existing organisational structures of participants into consideration and their inclusion in a network for disseminating information.

Coordinator independence

  • Technical and intellectual independence in performing their obligations,
  • independence in decision-making activities, despite working under a mandate or other contract or agreement with a vendor or investor.

Projects completed under our supervision: 

  • Cable transport systems in the High and Low Tatra mountains
    The mountaintop station on one of the cable transport systems is at a height of approximately 2000 m above sea level on Chopok, which placed specific demands on our team of coordinators in terms of preparations and sophistication. They had to deal with all the challenges associated with the construction of this project.
  • Nuclear power plant in Mochovce
    A high baseline standard was required in terms of the level of management and care for OHS and fire protection.
  • Construction of motorways and expressways

Coordinating this type of construction work involves much more than simply meeting the requirements laid down in the legislation and other regulations. Our clients can rely on exceptional services.

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