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In addition to in-person training activities, we also offer our e-learning program approved by the National Labour Inspectorate for the HORECA segment. We provide training for your employees to allow them to independently conduct introductory OHS and PPE training activities under the auspices of our team of experts.

The greatest challenge facing the HORECA segment is the correct response to a fire, its localisation, liquidation and protecting people from danger. The evacuation of guests must be accomplished quickly and in an organised and efficient manner. It is easier to complete preventative measures during the roll out of new services or new facilities (wellness centres, saunas, open kitchens, grilles and the like).

Potential risks:

  • carrying heavy loads,
  • long periods spent standing and in static positions,
  • contact with various customers,
  • a high proportion of work performed at night and during weekends,
  • disturbance to the work-life balance of employees,
  • higher levels of stress compared to other industries.

What are your obligations?

  • To assess the medical fitness of employees for work activities,
  • to ensure the safety of technical equipment and technologies that may result in injury at work, an accident at work or an occupational disease,
  • to assess the risks and assign suitable personal protective equipment to employees based on this assessment,
  • to complete, update and maintain OHS and fire protection documentation pursuant to the valid legislation,
  • to check and demand compliance with legislation and other regulations concerning OHS and fire protection, work safety principles, occupational health protection and safe conduct at the workplace and safe work procedures,
  • to record all injuries, comply with procedures for recording and registering accidents at work,
  • to procure, install and maintain all fire equipment used to localise and liquidate fires in good condition,
  • to label and keep clear all egress routes, egress exits and response routes, as well as access to shut-off devices for utility services, including electricity, gas and water and to fire equipment,
  • to conduct a fire drill at least once every 12 months.


Employees must be properly trained and have the required professional competency before work is assigned to them.
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