Manufacturing and industry

We can help you avoid accidents at work as the risk of injury in manufacturing is exceptionally high.

We conduct specialised training activities for your employees and provide audits of your technical equipment to ensure your personnel can work safely. The manufacturing and industry segment is demanding with respect to OHS and fire protection, as well as occupational health service and the environment. We’d be happy to provide you with services, documentation and guidelines, including above and beyond the legal requirements, precisely to meet your specific requirements.

Potential risks:

  • fluctuation – frequent recruitment of new employees involves an obligation to provide quality introductory training,
  • accident rates – working conditions are demanding and that is why it is necessary to complete detailed documentation, to complete training activities and to comply with the regulations,
  • deficient precautions – a safe work procedure must be defined for every employee and every activity. This also involves providing personal protective equipment, another area in which we’d be happy to advise you.

What are the statutory requirements?

  • Frequent checks and audits (internal under an ISO certificate) – internal audits, state inspection authorities and the fulfilment of strict certification standards demand high-quality preparations,
  • audits of technical equipment – we can help you review paper documentation, thereby allowing your employees to work safely and helping you avoid the risk of a fine in the event of an inspection,
  • specialised training for personnel – we provide you with quality training for all employees and customised to your unique and legislative requirements. Keeping an overview of all the deadlines for all employees to complete their mandatory training is difficult. Our system makes the records from every training activity and for every employee available to you in a convenient manner.

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