Retail chains and companies with multiple locations

We reliably deliver on all specific needs that your segment has in terms of occupational health and safety, fire protection and occupational health service.

Retail chains and companies with multiple branches have to deal with high levels of fluctuation and often need to train large groups of employees. Frequent checks conducted by state institutions require uniform documentation (including pursuant to international ISO standards). Documentation must be accessible at the company’s head office and at each individual location.

What kind of practical experience do we have?

In terms of our services, network clients typically have elevated demands in terms of training activities that need to be completed, either due to high levels of fluctuation or the need to secure professional training activities for a larger number of employees. Another need is typically the need for uniform and unified documentation (including pursuant to international ISO standards), which must be accessible at the company’s head office and at all individual locations in the event of checks performed by state institutions. It’s no exception that clients have various vendors that supply their locations and that services are performed at these locations in an uncoordinated manner. This results in confusion in terms of competencies and responsibilities, which significantly complicates the process of conducting services. The client is therefore at risk of receiving a fine or incurring other problems.

Potential risks:

  • high fluctuation,
  • non-uniform documentation,
  • problematic availability of documentation and records,
  • uncoordinated approach to performing activities,
  • problems determining who is responsible for what,
  • difficult communication with multiple vendors or persons.

Project management

The foundation for the successful implementation of our services for clients with multiple locations is project management under the supervision of a project manager.

Project management for chains, or network clients, is responsible for all of the employer’s issues that have locations in numerous regions, across Slovakia, high levels of fluctuation, decentralised documentation, and also the process of OHS and fire protection management and maintenance.

Based on our more than 20 years of experience, we have a specific insight into the crafting of a functional mechanism, which is to ensure a comfortable environment for network-type employers in terms of implementing processes and procedures and continual development concerning the management of OHS and fire protection.

To ensure collaboration is effective, it is necessary to specify suitable communication channels, define responsibilities and create an implementation team at the very beginning.

We’d be happy to present a number of ways to avoid this type of problem and explain how a project to provide our services would be implemented. After all, a solution exists for every problem.

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