Sales and maintenance services

We provide custom training solutions at a single location and eliminate all related risks and unnecessary costs.

Sales and maintenance services are a demanding industry in terms of organising individual training activities. The challenge is typically gathering all service technicians or other specialists who normally provide coverage across Slovakia in a single location.

In addition to training activities required by law, we are also ready to secure and organise additional training activities required under your internal regulations or certificates.

Potential risks:

  • personnel spread out across different regions – we can ensure all your employees attend the training at a single location. We organise and plan training activities with sufficient lead time. Even up to a year in advance if necessary,
  • unclear frequency of training activities – employees hired at different dates and your other employees must complete different training activities with varying frequencies as required by law. We use our cloud system to ensure your training cycles are synchronised and documented in a transparent manner,
  • insufficient documentation records – no matter where your employees work, they must be able to demonstrate the required licenses and documentation in the event of a labour inspection. With our system, all of your documents will be available at your head office and directly in your internal system, no matter where your employee is located,
  • unnecessary costs – if your employees are located in different regions, their training activities may be very costly, especially if they are handled on an individual basis. We have a number of project solutions available that generate cost savings, for instance e-learning training activities, a company-wide in-person training or other training activities for your personnel under the auspices of our expert, thereby allowing them to train your employees. 

What are the statutory requirements?

  • Employee training prior to the assignment of job duties – in addition to OHS, fire protection, the occupational health service and environmental protection, we are ready to provide other training activities customised to your internal regulations and certificates.

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